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All of the before and after photos are transformations from MW5 Online members but are unique to the individual and should not be used as a personal measure of progress. In some instances the transformations uploaded are of photos taken with varied weeks/months apart.


The main objective for me throughout this experience isn't necessarily to create incredible aesthetic transformations. Instead, my goal throughout is to install healthy habits that can make a positive impact and seamlessly last a lifetime. The bi-product in many cases is an incredible transformation.

If, by the end of the 28 days you are unhappy with the service, you may be eligible to receive a full refund permitting your coach is satisfied you fulfilled your side of the bargain listed in the T&C's below.



1. At the start of the program you will receive a consultation along with unique lifestyle challenges specific to your circumstances. Together we will set some realistic, achievable goals. As a valued customer you have the opportunity here to discuss, disagree and if necessary opt out.

2. After following at least 80% of the program, if the desired goals are not achieved then the client is eligible for a full refund.

3. Clients must adhere to 80% of the programming by completing the weekly check-ins along with the agreed workouts/nutrition plan. Failure to check-in can void the guarantee.

4. Clients must be responsible for delivering feedback each week. You will be sent weekly email reminders to do so, and if necessary book appointment phone calls.


Unfortunately there is no magic wand with this service. The hard work starts with you and as cliche as it sounds, consistency and work ethic wins every time. If your coach deems that you have failed to provide a significant level of commitment to the programme, this again can also void your guarantee. Having said that, every effort possible will be made to support you on your fitness journey, exceed expectations and help you smash your goals

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