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10 Best Dumbbell Back Exercises

The amount of muscles that make up the back provide a diverse variety of options for how you can structure your workouts. Given that there are so many unique ways to attack your back, you might actually have some gaps in your physique or strength development if you work exclusively with the barbell or use too many machines.

Enter the trusty dumbbell to cover the spread. Dumbbells bring all the intensity of heavy free-weight work but allow you to customise and tailor your training to your specific body structure.

Needless to say, a well-trained back is important for every fitness goal.

With dumbbells, there’s really nothing left off the table — here are the 10 best dumbbell back workouts for you to dive into.

1. Bent Over Row

2. Chest Supported Row

3. Single Arm Row

4. Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

5. Shrugs

6. Farmers Carry

7. Y Raises

8. Gorilla Row

9. Seated Reverse Fly

10. Seated Row


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