My name is Martin Whitelock and I’m a Personal Trainer from London.

I have 3 children, all boys, and an insane work schedule. 


Most of my time is spent either being active with my sons or working in King’s Cross offering personal training, bootcamps and corporate classes as well as an online coaching service.  


I set up MW5 Fitness during the early stages of the King's Cross redevelopment process. 

During that time MW5 Fitness has grown organically, creating community that is now deep rooted within the estate.

Providing fitness to the local residents, the companies and their CEO's, the schools, community centres and the everyday workers of the estate.

Our fitness offering has been operating for over 10 years now and expands throughout London and beyond.  


Mission Statement

From the get go, the MW5 mission was always to motivate and inspire functional expressive fitness. We want to encourage physical exercise to everyone and find realistic ways in which people can thrive through strength & fitness.

Community Spirit

MW5 Fitness does not discriminate.


Every effort is made to ensure people feel apart the community regardless of age, ethnicity, religion gender or ability.

In this house, determination, energy and enthusiasm are the only criteria. So tie up you laces, put on your hard hat and let's get to work.