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Martin Whitelock specialises in strength & fitness programming.

Born and raised in London, Camden Town, Martin has 3 children, all boys, plus an insane work schedule managing MW5 Fitness. 


Unlike many coaches out there, Martin lives in the real world and knows exactly what it's like to juggle priorities! And so keeping fit shouldn't come at the expense of what's important to you. Especially if you're anything like him and have a family, a busy work schedule and other hobbies you prefer to enjoy.


That's why his goal is to make sure not a minute of your time is wasted, by providing no-nonsense fitness advice and programming that cuts through noise and is optimal to you. 



Mission Statement

The MW5 mission is to motivate and inspire.

To encourage physical exercise to everyone and find realistic ways in which people can thrive through strength & fitness.

Community Spirit

MW5 Fitness does not discriminate.


Every effort is made to ensure people feel apart the community regardless of age, ethnicity, religion gender or ability. The only rules in this house are; respect, determination, energy and enthusiasm. 

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